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Here, you will find the most recent woodblock prints by Mr Steiner, plus some older pieces, a few of which are still available. All are printed in the traditional Japanese techniques, or original variations of them, using natural fiber paper and water-based pigments. Mr Steiner has been making prints for over 45 years; since 1980 he has been teaching the art and craft of mokuhanga to both Japanese and foreigners; from 2015, he opened the Kyoto International Mokuhanga School. Navigating this site is easy following the menu and arrows. For making comments or getting information on purchasing prints or tools, go to either Contact or Ordering. Thank you for stopping by.


Richard Steiner
50 YEARS of Woodblock Printmaking
Solo Exhibition
July.21- 26, 2020
Gallery Hill Gate
Kyoto, Japan

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A big sofa
"Gray Ears""
12. "Gray Ears"   May, 28, 2020  new!

This is perhaps the most important print I have made. It is a self-portrait, even tho the figure seems to be a little girl. The important feature here is what the girl is pointing at. The small item in the lower right corner is my version of the thin, narrow wooden board that is placed behind the tombstones in Japanese Buddhist cemeteries. On this board is written the death name of the departed. What I am saying in this print is that while traveling on trains, buses, or waiting in lines, and eavesdropping on the conversations around me, inevitably the talk is of the speakersf friends who are sick or have died. Death and illness are the top topics, and my ears turn gray by listening to this boring subject repeatedly.