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Here, you will find the most recent woodblock prints by Mr Steiner, plus some older pieces, a few of which are still available. All are printed in the traditional Japanese techniques, or original variations of them, using natural fiber paper and water-based pigments. Mr Steiner has been making prints for over 45 years; since 1980 he has been teaching the art and craft of mokuhanga to both Japanese and foreigners; from 2015, he opened the Kyoto International Mokuhanga School. Navigating this site is easy following the menu and arrows. For making comments or getting information on purchasing prints or tools, go to either Contact or Ordering. Thank you for stopping by.


The 7th KIWA Exhibition 2016
the KYOEN Exhibition
Jan.25- Feb.18, 2020
The Terminal KYOTO
in Kyoto, Japan

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A big sofa
"on the eighth day""
11. "on the eighth day"   June, 17, 2016

As for my print, On the Eighth Day, I was inspired to make such a work for reasons at the time I did not know. This often happens to me now in my more experienced years. Then, a few months later, 9/11 happened, and the meaning of the print became clear. A renegade offshoot of a large, organized religion (typified by the three religious symbols on the bug's forehead), acting out of fear and misunderstanding, caused the death of thousands, and property destruction in the millions of dollars. Its believers are captives of fear and lies (the faces in the eyes), yet they cannot escape if they wanted to. The insect, a life-form I actually have liked from childhood, was not chosen knowingly by myself; it came almost of its own. The cosmos "windows" on the bug's body represent the vast reach of evil in the material world. The two towers coming out of the bug's head are the twin towers. The title refers to the Bible's first chapter, of course, where God creates the heavens and the earth, both spiritually perfect and harmonious. Only after God's seven day's worth of work was done, so to speak, did evil have a chance to show itself. God certainly did not make evil or error. Man, misinterpreting God's work, imagined materialism, and has suffered from this thereafter. So much of my artwork dwells on this theme and related themes. On my homepage there are shown some prints in this venue; mostly they deal with what our future may look like, for good and for bad.